Policies and Guidance for NHS England Dental Wessex Area Team

Wessex Dental Area Team
Information and forms can be found by using the search facility on the right of the table below (just above Process Pathway). Type a word associated with the intervention you require and a limited list of policies and forms to be displayed. For example Specialist Peridontal Treatment would be displayed if any of the following is typed Specialist, Peridontal, Treatment.

Fully completed application forms should be saved locally and sent from a secure NHS.net account to southcsu.ifrs@nhs.net for consideration.

Orthodontics for those over 18 years of age
NHS England - Wessex Area Team
Orthodontic over 18 - May 2013
The NHS does not routinely fund orthodontic treatment in adults and it is the responsibility of the patient to maintain any long-term retainers when they reach 18.

For under 18s General Dental Practitioners should use the Orthodontic Central Referral Centre.

If there is exceptional health need, the General Dental Practitioner seeking orthodontic treatment must complete fully the following form and together with all relevant documentary proof, email it to southcsu.ifrs@nhs.net for consideration.
Orthodontic form - Over 18's - Word format
Restorative dental including:
Dental implants
Periodontal treatment
Specialised Prosthodontic treatment (fixed and removable)
Wessex Area Team: Procedure Not Routinely Funded
NHS England - Wessex Area Team
Advanced Restorative Dentistry - April 2013 Interim Policy

Provision of Dental Implants - May 2013

Specialist Endodontic Treatment - May 2013

Specialist Periodontal Treatment - June 2014
This policy covers access to specialist input for periodontal (gum) disease. Full compliance with oral hygiene and non-smoking status are essential as well as every effort made in primary care to manage the problem.

Specialist Fixed Prosthodontic Treatment - May 2013

Removable Prosthodontics - May 2013
This covers specialist input for removable prosthodontics
For dental referrals of patients registered at GP practices within the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset local authority areas.

Patients registered with a Farnham GP practice are outside the responsibility of the Wessex Area Team. Please contact the Surrey & Sussex Area Team regarding dental referrals

If there is exceptional health need, please fully complete sections 1 to 3 and section 5. Then complete the relevant part of section 4 relating to the specialty to which you are referring.

Email the completed form with all relevant documentary proof to southcsu.ifrs@nhs.net for consideration.

Dental IFR form May 2019 - Word format


For more information
Please email the IFR service at southcsu.ifrs@nhs.net for all enquiries about the policy statements or the process for considering Individual Funding Requests.